Once upon a time, in a forest tucked away in the horizon of creativity and glamour, lived a princess. Blessed with unmatched beauty and unmistakable grace, she saw inspiration in the aura of mystique that the forest was surrounded with and decided to break free, write her own fairy tale, star in her own fantasy – and thus was born Imara.”

One of the most sought after and versatile actors in Bollywood today, Shraddha Kapoor has always mesmerised one and all with her sense of style- subtle, easy yet elegant. Be it in her movies, the red-carpet events or even casual walk-throughs behind the scenes, the Bollywood diva has always looked a class apart. Mostly seen in clean-cut designs combined with strong prints, her garments perfectly complement her petite figure and add to the felinity and the delicate beauty that she perfectly portrays. Her signature looks, generally comprise of neatly done hair, well-fitted silhouettes with minimalistic jewellery and glossy yet unostentatious make-up.

A fashion enthusiast herself, Shraddha’s dream of launching her own fashion line came true with the launch of Imara. ‘Imara’ which means resolute is a personification of the diva and the interpretation of her personality through a range of chic ethnic wear. A contemporary rendition of the conventional, Imara is the modern adaptation of Indian classics, from once upon a time. Providing creative direction in terms of the design and the overall look of the collection, Shraddha has experimented with ethnic designs, offering a refreshing touch on fashion, for the young and the stylish. A line of clothing for the new Indian woman, Imara resonates the qualities that give the Bollywood Diva an identity of her own- Smart and independent, open and free.

Themed across eight stories- Blue Pottery, Mughal, Spring Blossom, Damask, Monochrome, Lucknowi, Indigo and Boho; Imara is a seamless blend of fashion and mystique that bring together the elements of ethnic and chic designs. The collections are inspired by the elegance of Shraddha with overtones of her strong resilient spirit making the lines an extension of herself.

Imara is meant for the woman of today who believes in writing and starring in her own stories, taking charge of her own life, in her own way. So if you are resilient, confident and believe that you deserve to be treated like a princess every day, Imara is just the perfect addition to your wardrobe this season!